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Image by Damon Lam


It's not just about video; It's about the art of capturing and delivering.

Henry S

Henry Saint-Jean

Founder & Cinematographer

Artistic Journey From Childhood

Since childhood, I have always had a passion for visual art. Naturally, I found joy in sketching pictures from magazines or bringing to life scenes from my imagination. During high school, I had the opportunity to showcase my creativity by participating in a class contest. I invented something and presented it in a story format accompanied by drawings, which ultimately led me to victory in the contest.

The Start of Piximpress®

Fueling my passion for capturing motion pictures and sound, I embarked on a journey into cinematography as a career back in 2006. Eventually, in 2014, this fervent pursuit led me to establish Piximpress, LLC in Nassau, New York. The genesis of Piximpress sprang from the reactions of delighted clients, often expressing their awe with words like "this is impressive" or "I'm impressed." Inspired by this genuine sentiment and seeking to blend the essence of "pix" for pictures and "impress" as the viewers' reactions, Piximpress was born, which is a registered trademark.

Wedding Videography

Since 2019, my dedication and talent in cinematography have been consistently recognized within the wedding industry, earning me prestigious awards year after year on renowned wedding platforms such as TheKnot and WeddingWire. Additionally, I have had the privilege of serving as a judge for international wedding video contests hosted by Love Stories TV on select occasions.

Corporate Videography

With Piximpress®, I am fortunate to work alongside a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from major corporate enterprises such as Bloomberg to non-profit organizations like NewSchools, as well as government entities and small businesses. My wealth of experience across these sectors has cultivated in me a high degree of adaptability, empowering me to create tailored videos that perfectly match distinct goals and needs.

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