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A True Artist Who Finds Joy

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

As a professional musician working in the wedding industry, I can attest that it is commonplace for artistic vendors to make it in the field by spending all their time and resources creating the "best" image, including the most expensive website and/or other marketing strategies. This doesn't always mean that they are the best at what they do (to be fair, the best musicians in the world are NOT playing at weddings for a few hundred dollars). However, many vendors represent the bare minimum in talent, and, unfortunately sometimes, effort. It's an easy trap to fall into when you're working multiple weddings a year, and it's very easy to rely on the fact that most couple's are too excited to really slow down and appreciate detail on the day of the wedding itself. I do not mean any of this as an insult to the field in general, however it is an unfortunate truth, and couples should be careful in choosing vendors (I always recommend a healthy sampling of each "candidate's" work.

Henry goes above and beyond to make each of his films a shining example of the best he has to offer, which is in turn quite impressive. A brief overview of his work creates a portrait not of an everyday wedding professional out to make a living, but a true artist who finds joy and personal fulfillment through his creative output. Given these facts, I can also say that he is very humble, friendly, and courteous. He insisted on chatting via Zoom well before my own wedding in order to get to know my wife and me and our dynamic as a couple, as these factors greatly influence his approach to each situation. You can fully appreciate this "flexibility" by sampling his videos both on WeddingWire and his other business sites. Finally, he is very proactive in actively seeking out the "special moments" at the wedding itself. He is always moving to find the right angle for the best shots and comes prepared with a lot of equipment (i.e. drones) to attain this.

- Sydney and Michael

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