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Virginia Wedding Videographer: Creative and Responsive

Updated: Nov 23, 2023


"If you are looking for a professional, responsive, creative, and technically gifted videographer for your wedding or event, I would strongly suggest that you contact Piximpress/Henry. He took the time to inquire about us as people and about our vision for the event, and the end result was a number of (in our opinion as well as several friends and family members) truly distinctive films that are also just beautiful to look at. Every wedding has its own quirks and poses its own challenges, and Henry was able to work with us so that we didn't have to sweat too many details on the day itself, despite our giving him a somewhat compressed timetable to prepare for our wedding in Charlottesville, VA. We're very glad Piximpress was there to memorialize our day." - Ashlynn and Kevin

Virginia Wedding Videographer: Creative and Responsive

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