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It's not just video production; it's a seamless journey from concept to completion.

Piximpress pre-production



I offer comprehensive production services that cover everything from pre-production. I’ll handle all aspects of video shooting, including interviews, B-roll, voice-over and more to create a dynamic, engaging final product.

Piximpress video editing



I understand that the key to a successful project is proper planning. Together, we'll focus on ironing out all the details before the cameras start rolling such as the script, storyboard to achieve the expected result.




At the editing stage, I bring all the pieces together to create a polished finished product. This stage includes color correction, adding text, and motion graphics to enhance the visual appeal and impact of your video.

Video Categories


Production of non-fictional films to document and capture real-life events, issues, or stories.


Production for businesses, non-profit, including promotional videos, internal communications, and more.


Recording and documenting travel experiences, exploring different locations and cultures.


Coverage of live events such as conferences, keynote speaker program, and seminar.

Social Media

Creating content tailored for social media platforms, considering their specific formats and requirements.

Equipment Does Matter!

Never compromise on quality.

Services and equipment available for your project: Stabilized equipment, pro audio recording, pro lighting, teleprompter, green screen, voice-over, stock music, stock footage, video cover images, transcribing document, GIFs from captured footage, and more.

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