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Image by Marisa Morton

Wedding Video Plan

Here is my wedding video plan and what you can expect from me during the wedding day. Please take a moment to review my notes below when creating the timeline. Additionally, kindly share this information with your wedding planner/coordinator and photographer to ensure we are all on the same page.

Piximpress' ring shot


The Details

Upon my arrival, if time allows it, I would love to begin by capturing the details first, such as the rings, invitation accessories, the dress, and so on. Typically, starting at least 2 hours prior to the ceremony gives me ample time to capture these details if they are ready.


Getting Ready (Groom)

As I will be the only filmmaker present (even if I have an assistant), I would prefer to start with the groom first. However, if time or location constraints prevent this, we can schedule a brief 5-10 minute mock shoot of the groom getting ready just before the ceremony.

Piximpress' groom
Piximpress' bride


Getting Ready (Bride)

I prefer to start filming the brides after or at the final stage of their makeup. I typically capture every moment until they put on their dress. In case time is limited, we can schedule approximately 5-10 minutes to capture the bride at a designated location before the ceremony.


First look/Letters Reading

If there are plans for a first look, first touch, and/or reading letters, both the bride and groom will be equipped with microphones during these moments. Detailed instructions will be provided by me in coordination with the photographer to ensure that we capture not only high-quality images but also excellent sound. The location plays a crucial role in achieving this.

Piximpress' couple's first look
Piximpress' bridal party


Bridal Party

As the sole filmmaker, I will collaborate with the photographer to ensure that I capture both the bridesmaids and groomsmen as a group. By default, I do not capture individual shots with the bridal party unless specifically requested.



I prefer to begin setting up for the ceremony at least an hour before it starts. This allows me to position my cameras, coordinate with the DJ for sound, and take care of other necessary preparations. Both the bride and groom will be equipped with microphones for the ceremony. Please note that while we have no objections to guests taking photos, it is essential that any announcements regarding guests refrain from obstructing our filming or blocking our views with their phones.

Piximpress' ceremony shot
Piximpress' cocktail hour shot


Cocktail Hour

During this time, I focus on capturing details from the cocktail hour location and the reception. It would be greatly appreciated if the reception site is prepared and ready, allowing me to promptly capture the decor before guests start arriving. By default, I do not capture the family photo session unless explicitly requested. However, I will coordinate with the photographer to join them when it's time for the bridal party and portrait videos.



If your video coverage allows, I would be thrilled to capture every significant moment, such as the first dance, dances with parents, speeches, cake cutting, and more. Please keep in mind that if the allocated filming hours are insufficient, you can always let me know, and we can discuss extending the coverage as needed.

Piximpress' first dance shot
Piximpress' couple's sunset shot



I would love to capture sunset footage! For the best video quality, it would be ideal to ensure sufficient outdoor lighting during that time. This will allow us to capture stunning visuals and make the most of the sunset setting.



If your video coverage does not include staying until the end of the reception but you still want me to capture your send-off, you have the option to schedule a 'faux' send-off if it's feasible. This means we can plan a staged exit earlier in the evening to ensure I capture that moment for your wedding video.

Piximpress' couple's send off shot
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